Staff & Leaders

The staff at First English Lutheran Church is here to welcome you to our church family.

If you have any questions for our leadership team, please contact us.

Church office:  419.522.0662      Early Learning Center:  419.522.7500

  • Senior Pastor

    Senior Pastor Position Currently Open

    We are thankful for the Supply Pastors that are currently assisting our church family.

    Letter from the Pastor

Programmatic Staff

  • Scott Berry

    Scott Berry


  • Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy

    Early Learning Center Director

  • Becky Pittman

    Becky Pittman

    Coordinator of Music and The Arts

Support Staff

  • Dave Carew

    Dave Carew


  • Nicole Goddard

    Nicole Goddard

    Finance Director

  • Faith Williams

    Faith Williams

    Parish Secretary

  • Andy Kershaw

    Andy Kershaw

    Property Manager